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Name: Tropical Storm Karen
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Details:UPDATE - 10/4/2013
Tropical Storm Karen has weakened a bit, but still poses a threat to the Gulf Coast. The updated projections for the storm path have it taking an angled approach and affecting Alabama and Florida's Panhandle region Saturday. More updates to come.

Tropical Storm Karen has formed in the Gulf of Mexico and threatens the Gulf Coast of Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. The current forecast of the projected path has cause hurricane watches to be issued for coastal areas including Gulf Shores, Panama City, Destin and Pensacola.

There is a lot of uncertainty with the potential strength and path of Tropical Storm Karen, but current models have it impacting the Northern Gulf Coast as early as Saturday. More updates to come as the storm develops.
Webcams:Gulf Shores, Panama City Beach, Pensacola Beach
News:Tropical Storm Karen News Updates

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Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores WebcamGulf Shores Webcam Gulf Shores, Alabama
Location: Gulf Shores, Alabama
Views: 11,451
Likes: 60 Likes4 Dislikes
Enjoy this Gulf Shores, Alabama webcam and see whats going on at the beach.
Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach Cam - Holiday InnPanama City Beach Cam - Holiday Inn Panama City Beach, FL
Location: Panama City Beach, FL
Views: 22,764
Likes: 99 Likes4 Dislikes
High view of Panama City Beach from high atop the beautiful Holiday Inn, right on the beach. Great full-motion video feed.
Panama City Sandpiper Beacon WebcamPanama City Sandpiper Beacon Webcam Panama City Beach, Florida
Location: Panama City Beach, Florida
Views: 21,681
Likes: 2 Likes0 Dislikes
Live from Panama City Beach, Florida this streaming webcam provides views of the beautiful beaches and gulf of Mexico from the sandpiper Beacon R...
Pineapple Willys Beach WebcamPineapple Willys Beach Webcam Panama City Beach, Florida
Location: Panama City Beach, Florida
Views: 31,535
Likes: 39 Likes1 Dislikes
Live streaming HD video from Pineapple Willy's webcam in Panama City Beach, Florida. The view is always amazing, but it is wild during Spring Bre...
Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach Webcam EastPensacola Beach Webcam East Pensacola Beach, Florida
Location: Pensacola Beach, Florida
Views: 11,698
Likes: 17 Likes0 Dislikes
See beautiful Pensacola Beach, Florida from this streaming webcam from the pier. See the white sand beaches and blue green waters of the Gulf of ...

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